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LAST UPDATED: 29th January 2024

The Broken Table

This table has more than 50 rows, which seems to be the cause of the rest of the tables on this page to break.

RouteGradeDate of FACountryClimber
B.I.G5.15d (9c)September 2023NorwayJakob Schubert
DNA5.15d (9c)April 2022FranceSébastien Bouin
Silence5.15d (9c)Aug 2017NorwayAdam Ondra
Bibliographie5.15c (9b+)August 2020FranceAlex Megos
Stefano Ghisolfi
Sean Bailey
Sébastien Bouin
Jorge Diaz-Rullo
Change5.15c (9b+)October 2012NorwayAdam Ondra
Stefano Ghisolfi
Seb Bouin
Excalibur5.15c (9b+)Februray 2023ItalyStefano Ghisolfi
La Dura Dura5.15c (9b+)February 2013SpainAdam Ondra
Chris Sharma
Mejorando La Samfaina5.15c (9b+)Februray 2023SpainJorge Díaz-Rullo
Perfecto Mundo5.15c (9b+)May 2018SpainAlex Megos
Stefano Ghisolfi
Jakob Schubert
Sleeping Lion5.15c (9b+)March 2023SpainChris Sharma
Alex Megos
Suprême Jumbo Love5.15c (9b+)November 2022USASébastien Bouin
Vasil Vasil5.15c (9b+)December 2013Czech RepublicAdam Ondra
Zvěřinec5.15c (9b+)November 2022Czech RepublicAdam Ondra
Beyond Integral5.15b/5.15c (9b/9b+)October 2020FranceSébastien Bouin
King Capella5.15b/5.15c (9b/9b+)March 2021SpainWilliam Bosi
Alex Megos
Jakob Schubert
La Rage d’Adam5.15b/5.15c (9b/9b+)September 2019FranceSébastien Bouin
Move5.15b/5.15c (9b/9b+)August 2022NorwayAdam Ondra
Sébastien Bouin
Wonderland5.15b/5.15c (9b/9b+)March 2022ItalyAdam Ondra
B Je To5.15b (9b)September 2023CroatiaAdam Ondra
Ali Hulk5.15b (9b)November 2007SpainDani Andrada
Magnus Midtbø
Domen Škofic
Ali Hulk Sit Start Extension Total5.15b (9b)July 2019SpainJonatan Flor
Jorge Diaz Rullo
Daniel Fuertes
Laura Rogora
Dave Graham
Alex Garriga
Gonzalo Larrocha
Dani Moreno
Ariégeois Cœur Loyal5.15b (9b)April 2023FranceSébastien Bouin
Bomba5.15b (9b)March 2022ItalyAdam Ondra
Brooklyn5.15b (9b)March 2023FranceLoïc Zehani
C.R.S.5.15b (9b)November 2015FranceAdam Ondra
Cafe Solo5.15b (9b)November 2021SpainJorge Diaz Rullo
Chaxi Raxi5.15b (9b)April 2011SpainAdam Ondra
Chikane5.15b (9b)April 2022FranceLoïc Zehani
Cryptography5.15b (9b)May 2020SwitzerlandAlessandro Zeni
Disbelief5.15b (9b)July 2018CanadaAdam Ondra
Eagle 45.15b (9b)February 2018FranceAdam Ondra
Hugo Parmentier
Julia Chanourdie
Pierre Le Cerf
El Bon Combat5.15b (9b)March 2015SpainChris Sharma
Jakob Schubert
Felipe Camargo
Jorge Diaz Rullo
El Picacho5.15b (9b)May 2021SpainJonatan Flor
Erebor5.15b (9b)January 2021ItalyStefano Ghisolfi
Laura Rogora
Adam Ondra
Jakob Schubert
Stefano Carnati
Event Horizon5.15b (9b)May 2022USAJonathan Siegrest
Fantasia5.15b (9b)April 2023FranceLoïc Zehani
Fight Club5.15b (9b)August 2016CanadaAlex Megos
Fight or Flight5.15b (9b)May 2011SpainChris Sharma
Adam Ondra
Jakob Schubert
Sachi Amma
Matty Hong
Piotr Schab
First Round First Minute5.15b (9b)April 2011SpainChris Sharma
Adam Ondra
Alex Megos
Stefano Ghisolfi
Jorge Diaz Rullo
Golpe de Estado5.15b (9b)December 2008SpainChris Sharma
Adam Ondra
Harlem5.15b (9b)September 2022FranceLoïc Zehani
Iron Curtain5.15b (9b)August 2013NorwayAdam Ondra
Sébastien Bouin
Jumbo Love5.15b (9b)September 2008USAChris Sharma
Ethan Pringle
Jonathan Siegrist
Sébastien Bouin
L’Arenauta5.15b (9b)February 2022ItalyStefano Ghisolfi
La Barriere5.15b (9b)August 2018SwitzerlandPirmin Bertle
La Planta de Shiva5.15b (9b)April 2011SpainAdam Ondra
Jakob Schubert
Angela Eiter
Jonathan Siegrist
Jorge Diaz Rullo
Jonatan Flor
La Vie5.15b (9b)August 2022SpainJonatan Flor
Madame Ching5.15b (9b)December 2020AustriaAngela Eiter
Mamichula5.15b (9b)Februray 2017SpainAdam Ondra
Sébastien Bouin

After spending several days scouring the internet and scrolling through social media, I have pulled together the list you can see below, which is the most complete list of hard climbing routes and ascents on the internet. Logging hundreds of ascents isn’t as easy as it sounds, and there are undoubtedly a couple of errors or omissions here. If you spot anything that isn’t quite right, please drop a comment at the bottom of the page or send us an email!

How Many Hard Routes Are There?

Five new 9b+ lines have been established in the 22/23 season; Excalibur (Stefano Ghisolfi), Mejorando La Samfaina (Jorge Díaz Rullo), Sleeping Lion (Chris Sharma), Suprême Jumbo Love (Seb Bouin), Zvěřinec (Adam Ondra). This is a whopping 100% increase from the number of 9b+ routes that were established in 2021.

Who Has The Most Hard Ascents?

seb bouin on DNA 9c climbing
Seb Bouin on DNA, the second 9c in the world ©christianadam

Must this question even be asked? Even without seeing the data, I bet you can guess which climber has bagged the most ascents of 9a+/9b or harder. 

Yes, unsurprisingly, Adam Ondra has claimed the most ascents routes graded higher than 9a+/9b. That probably doesn’t come as a shock but what is interesting, however, is that of 90 routes on our list, Ondra has clipped the chains on 41% of the established routes 9a+/9b or harder. To put that into perspective, Seb Bouin, the second biggest crusher on this list, has only claimed 15% of the lines on this list.

Another interesting observation here is that of the 54 climbers on this list, only 3 are female. Angela Eiter and Laura Rogora are leading the charge for the ladies, both with two ascents of 9b to their names. Angela Eiter also made the FA of Madam Ching, a line she developed in her home country of Austria. This was the first female FA of 9b, which is an amazing achievement. Julia Chanourdie is currently the only other woman to claim a 9b route, with her ascent of Ondra’s Eagle-4 in November 2020.

Which Country Has The Hardest Climbs?

Europe continues to be the epicenter for hard sport climbs. In fact, 89% of all routes graded 9a+/9b or harder can be found in Europe, with Spain being home to 33% of all the routes on this list. Only 8 climbs on this list are in North America and 2 in Asia. There are currently no climbs in the Southern Hemisphere that qualify for a spot on our list.

Hardest Sport Climbs FAQs

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Quite likely the only idiot currently hauling a 70-meter rope and four pairs of climbing shoes around the world. Sam lives for backpacking, adventure, and of course, climbing. If he's not exploring crags and getting shut down on new projects, you can find him sharing his passion for climbing in publications such as Climbing Shoe Review,, Gear Junkie, and UK Climbing.

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