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Welcome to Hard Climbs, where we celebrate the awesome evolution of climbing. Over the past few decades, climbing has soared to unimaginable heights, pushing the limits of grades, introducing cutting-edge gear, and witnessing countless unforgettable moments on epic ascents.

With such a rapid pace of advancement, it’s easy to lose track of the remarkable stories that shaped climbing history. News stories highlight groundbreaking achievements and incredible dedication, only to be overshadowed by the next attention-grabbing headline.

That’s why in 2013, Brian Runnels (a.k.a. the Climbing Narc) created Hard Climbs as a haven for preserving these stories of monumental ascents and the phenomenal climbers who conquer them. A decade later, our project continues to thrive, providing an invaluable archive for all climbing enthusiasts.

Here, you can dive into the captivating backstories of renowned climbers, immersing yourself in their journeys of triumph and perseverance. Explore ascent logs from iconic lines, reliving the exhilaration and challenges faced by those who blazed the trails. And if you’re gearing up for your next epic adventure, our comprehensive crag guides are at your disposal, offering invaluable insights and preparation tips.

Hard Climbs is more than just a digital vault of climbing history. It’s a vibrant community that embraces the spirit of exploration, pushing boundaries, and cherishing the moments that make climbing a truly remarkable sport. Join us as we embark on this journey together, uncovering the tales that inspire us and fuel our passion for the vertical world, one ascent at a time.

Meet The Team

Our ascent archive is only possible thanks to the dedication of climbers who selflessly contribute their insider knowledge. These awesome guys and gals have poured their blood, sweat, and tears into expanding our library of epic ascents, becoming the unsung heroes behind the scenes.


Head hangdogger at Hard Climbs. A lifelong climbing addict with an unhealthy addiction to sketchy aretes.


Chief Editor of all things awesome. Currently traveling the world bagging one lowball at a time.


Writing wizard, and full-time dirtbag. If Landon’s not on the rock, he’s behind his laptop writing about them.



A walking, talking, fountain of climbing knowledge. SPI-certified instructor and long-term Yosemite lover.


A mountain-loving snowboarder, hiker, and climber with a knack for spinning epic tales of adventure.


Head media guy at Hard Climbs. No opacity is too low, nor is a crop too complex, for our Photoshop guru.


If you’re a walking encyclopedia of climbing trivia and have a passion for preserving climbing history, we want you! Join our mission to expand our archive, uncover hidden gems, and document remarkable ascents. Whether you have captivating stories to share, valuable insights on iconic climbs, or a knack for research, your expertise can make a real difference.

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